New Year, New Sneaks

Happy 2019!!! I seriously cannot believe this year is already here— and it’s going to be a big one! Aren’t they all, though?! I remember graduating high school in the spring of 2015 and everyone was looking toward the next big year of events- college graduation in 2019. At the time I thought 2019 seemed impossibly far away, but time has truly flown by. There’s a quote I love, “The days are long but the years are short,” and it is so true time and time again. There are weeks and even months that pass by painfully slow, but I always look back and wonder how I got from one place to the next so quickly.

A new year always leaves people talking of goals and resolutions, eager to make this year FAR better than the last. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that 2018 was a BAD year overall, which makes me really sad. Sure, there are periods of time in life where everything seems hard. Often, these hardships come full force and all at once. In 2018 I definitely experienced a lot of loss and grief- the death of close friends, the distancing of friendships, and coming to terms with several uneasy transitions. It would be so easy to look back at those months and think “Wow, that was such a BAD year.” But the truth is there is a certain amount of good and bad in every single day of our lives, which make up years that are always going to be a little bit of good and a little bit of bad. 2018 WAS a hard year, but so was 2017, and 2016…and 2019 will be too. It’s supposed to be hard- that’s how we keep learning and growing and accomplishing goals and becoming better people. But 2018 was also SO good. It was the year I turned 21, moved to New York, rekindled old friendships and began so many new ones. It felt like a year of growing and becoming and being thankful for the life I’m so lucky to live. There was much more good than bad…and 2019 will be this way, too!

I have a hard time with resolutions because I make goals for myself all the time, and achieving them is dependent on so many factors. People beat themselves up if they don’t stick to a resolution, and I don’t think we should put that kind of pressure on ourselves- we’re just human beings and so much of life is beyond our control. I was talking with my family the other day about how my generation especially feels a constant need to have everything all at once in order to be happy. We want a job and a degree and a perfect relationship and a shiny new apartment and friends and family to share it with. And we want it RIGHT NOW. But the truth there’s no way everything is going to be perfect all at the same time— someone will be sick or the dishwasher will be broken or you won’t get a single job interview. There’s just no way to sync up every segment of your life into a single, perfect moment. Maybe the resolution of 2019 is that we take a deep breath and just be happy with what we have instead of being so hard on ourselves.

Apparently 2019 is also going to be the year I write really long blog posts. I truly do want to be more open and vulnerable on my blog this year because I am a VERY private person which has been my biggest roadblock when it comes to blogging. I find so much comfort in knowing other people have similar life experiences as me, so I want to start sharing more, too!

Let’s get to the fashion!!! To kick off the new year, I’m so excited to be working with one of my long-time favorite shoe brands, Circus by Sam Edelman. If you aren’t familiar with Circus, they’re basically the cute younger sister of Sam Edelman. This year I want to challenge myself to style pieces that are very unique to my wardrobe. Glitter and sequins used to make up 90% of my wardrobe, but it can be difficult to style shimmery pieces since they tend to make women look younger than they are. Being petite and having a young face, I always strive to dress a little more mature so I come across professional and “look” my age. I wanted to showcase how glittery sneaks could be incorporated to an otherwise business-causal outfit.

I paired these sneakers with 3.1 Phillip Lim joggers (courtesy of Rent the Runway— totally recommend this program btw!), an old black leather belt, a long sleeve Free People top, and red brief-case style purse via Free People. I’ll link some similar ways to get the look below. Thanks for reading and all the support From SEA to NYC received in 2018— here’s to another year of fashion!! :)

More ways to get the look:

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