Ways to Wear: A White Button Down + NYFW Q&A

In the midst of fashion week I had the chance to shoot with LA photographer @whiteteeblackdress and get some professional shots of one of my looks! Since it poured throughout the shoot I brought several pieces of clothing that could be added/removed from the outfit to change it up. The look ended up showcasing many ways to wear a classic white button down uniquely.

Look #1: Layered w/ Boots

If you’ve followed me for a while now, you know I LOVE TO LAYER. It’s my favorite way to spice up an outfit. For this look I started with a basic white Abercrombie button down (similar here) and a pair of Express denim with a touch of sparkle down the side. Then, I added a leopard-print tube top from Topshop to make the classic button down look a little different. Since it was so rainy, my trench coat from Express (similar here since mine is from last year!) was a perfect classic addition as well, topped of by my tortoise-shell printed boots from Urban Outfitters.

Look #2: Classic w/ Heels

I love the heels and jeans look so much and knew I had to try it despite the crazy sidewalks and rain! For this look I ditched the extra layers and went simple and sleek. This would be totally cute for a dressy outfit to wear to class or a casual outfit at the office. I love my heels from & Other Stories so much and found a star-print pair of booties to make this look more weather appropriate here. I love the way these pictures turned out with the city and subway in the background!

Look #3: Totally Trenched

At this point in the shoot I was drenched and just needed my trench! I love how classic and sleek a trench looks all buttoned up and belted. It makes me feel top-secret and powerful every time!

And finally- had to grab some detail shots.


I asked my Instagram readers for some questions on NYFW since I was getting a lot of random ones and compiled a list. I never knew it was possible to attend NYFW until I began researching more than a year ago! Wanted to share and encourage others to go in the future! :)

  • Q: How were you able to go to Fashion Week?

    • A: A lot of people have asked whether my school, FIT, provided tickets to shows since it is a fashion school right in the heart of NYC. The answer is sadly no. FIT offered many opportunities to volunteer backstage and help dress models which would have been an amazing experience as well! I hope to volunteer in the future- maybe at the February shows! I was actually able to get invites thanks to my blog! Designers and PR agencies want word to spread about their brand’s latest collection, so they invite a lot of people who are active on social media and will gladly post pictures and videos from the events. One of my favorite blog posts about how to attend NYFW can be read here. At the shows you will find people from all different realms of the industry, from NYFW sponsors like Papyrus and Tresseme to celebrities like Nicki Hilton. I even met the parents of a buyer for one of the companies in line- seriously, anyone can attend! You don’t have to be Paris Hilton famous or anything- but you’ll definitely sit front row if you are ;-)

  • Q: How long are the days?

    • A: Fashion week events began on Wednesday, September 5th and lasted until Wednesday, September 12th this year. The length of a day varies but for the most part they are very long. I was fortunate to have a few holidays off from school during fashion week which gave me the chance to attend more shows and not be totally exhausted. I also took one day off from shows to get some rest which I would highly recommend. It was convenient to actually live here during fashion week and have a place to crash, chill, and change between shows. A lot of bloggers who visit from other states will take a day off to explore in between shows and events too. I would advise anyone to clear your schedule outside of fashion week in every way possible so you can fully embrace the experience! Some days began at 3 PM and ended at 11 PM while others began at 12 PM and lasted until 9 PM. All the shows are in different locations- which I’ll touch on later- so it takes a lot of time to run/subway/uber back and forth between them all.

    • A: You also have to arrive to shows around 30 minutes early to line up and typically wait in line about an hour while everyone gets seated. If you don’t get there early enough they might not let you in so this is really important! Something I wish I knew going in is that tickets to the shows are divided by standing, priority standing, seated in 2nd/3rd row, or front row seating. Obviously the front row is reserved for super important people and celebrities, and a lot of times it is difficult to get a seat at all because the shows are packed! If you are priority standing you are likely to get a seat in a back row, which is a really nice break from standing all day! I stood at a lot of shows and didn’t mind at all- I was just so happy to be there!

  • Q: What is the best way to reach out to brands?

    • A: I actually didn’t really reach out to clothing brands for sponsored content during fashion week because I had a lot going on already and wanted to wear my own clothing/style it in a unique way to shows! I definitely did fashion week on a budget and found key pieces throughout the summer as well as some last minute finds. It would be really cool to be “dressed” for shows by designers or brands but I think it takes a lot of building and connecting to achieve that. I typically reach out to brands by pitching my blog to them-who my readers are, where I’m located, and what I’m all about. If I’ve posted about their clothes before I might attach pictures of that to show I truly love the brand. As far as reaching out to PR agencies for shows, I approached that in a very similar way but pitched myself in a much more professional manner as these people are in the industry for a reason and make great future contacts.

  • Q: Which runway show was your favorite?

    • A: The Sally Lapointe show was by far my favorite. The collection was gorgeous and perfectly on trend. The runway had big rotating curtains that moved with the models and created an amazing flow to the whole show. It was just the most professional and well-curated show I saw with pieces that were wearable and could be incorporated into an every-day wardrobe. The show before Sally LaPointe was Oscar de la Renta at the same location, so a lot of superstars were exiting as I was entering. I saw Aimee Song for about two seconds as she rushed to her next event and also one of my favorite bloggers, Brittany Xavier (who is just as tall and fabulous in person). A lot of people were clearly famous because the paparazzi were all over them, but it was hard to recognize some celebrities in person. All of the hype and excitement surrounding the show made it even more fun to experience.

  • Q: Which show was the best overall?

    • A: I’ll talk about this more in my Day 4 recap post, but I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Alice and Olivia presentation! Seeing a designer like Stacey Bendet’s work come to life was a next-level experience. She is clearly a designer who is 20 steps ahead anyone else and presented her work in a polished, artistic, and creative way. It was really interesting to see the difference in quality of work between up-and-coming, established, and high-end designers throughout the week.

  • Q: What show do you want to see in the future?

    • A: So many! My reach shows would definitely be Zimmermann and Rodarte- they both looked absolutely incredible. As far as near-future goals I would love to see Milly, Monse, and Veronica Beard. The Tome show also looked really cool- maybe next year! :)

  • Q: What locations were your favorite?

    • A: I attended shows in three different locations- Industria, the Chelsea Piers, and Spring Studios. My favorite location was probably the Chelsea Piers because the venue was right on the water and was just gorgeous. There was a lot of space to mingle inside including a bar and restaurant as well as a rooftop deck! Spring Studios was the Lexus NYFW sponsored hub this year where all the fashion week sponsors and vendors set up shop. Tresseme was their hosting hair appointments and Papyrus had a whole cafe set up with free lattes and a station to send cards from. That was a really cool experience too because most of the bigger shows were there which meant seeing a lot of my favorite bloggers. I didn’t love the Industria location because it was difficult to get to but a lot of my shows were there! It was just a little cramped waiting in line and they had us outside in the rain a lot. Next time I definitely hope to spend more time at Spring Studios and Chelsea Piers (if the locations stay the same)!

That’s most of the questions I received about fashion week but if you’re curious about anything else just let me know. :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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