Avery Verse NYFW Editorial

Avery Verse, an Australian luxury handbag brand, showcased their latest collection at my first show of New York Fashion Week. Fashion Palette was an Australian group show that incorporated nearly a dozen different designers and brands presented to industry professionals, bloggers, and celebrities in attendance. When Founder and Director of Avery Verse, Christie Cook, reached out to me and requested an editorial review of the show I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share more about Avery Verse! Being someone who is involved in the fashion industry on a daily basis, I am constantly surrounded by young professionals and students who are conscious of the importance of sustainability in fashion. As consumers it is really important to know where our products come from and purchase sustainable goods whenever possible! Avery Verse understands the need to be environmentally aware, so I wanted to share exactly what this company is doing with my readers.

Avery Verse’s unique selling point is their use of vegetable-tanned leather to create gorgeous, handcrafted leather bags. Vegetable tanning is a technique that is more than 6,000 years old, being the most environmentally friendly form of leather tanning, but it is not widely used in the fashion industry. In fact, 90% of luxury handbags are tanned with an unsafe and toxic chromium-tanning process. Vegetable tanning does not use harmful chemicals, replacing typical production processes with the use of bark, branches, and leaves to tan leather. This creates leather pieces that are recyclable and timeless, avoiding the negative repercussions of fast-fashion.

So, why isn’t everyone using vegetable tanning? The process is much more expensive and lengthier than other types of tanning and requires highly skilled workers to tan the leather. Despite the disadvantages, Avery Verse would rather produce a luxurious, long-lasting product that looks like a work of art in their customers’s hands than save a few bucks here and there. They source their vegetable tanned leather from Italy and are extremely proud to be an eco-friendly company with the goal of changing fashion for the better. In additional to ethically sourcing leather, Avery Verse also donates 10% of each sale to Water.org. You can always feel great about giving back to the community and feeding a purse addiction all at once!

The Fashion Palette show itself was extremely fast paced being that so many designers participated in the show. That being said, I loved the chance to go back and look through photos of the Avery Verse runway looks in more detail and see how beautiful the bags really are! I’m sharing a few of my favorite looks and styles from their collection below, noting how you can incorporate these trends into your wardrobe this fall.

Trend #1: Color Palette and Fabrics

Red, Navy, and Mustard were EVERYWHERE on the runway this season. Along with silk, flowing fabrics and sheet textures, Avery Verse paired perfectly styled outfits with their bags. I love the red pop of color their tote bag showed off and feel it complimented the outfits beautifully! I can see women on the streets of New York City showing up to their 9 to 5 looking chic and powerful in this combination. I also adore the detailing on the brown leather bag featured on the below right. The pairing of a bold yellow satin with a textured satchel simply screams fall to me.

Trend #2: Sheer Top, No Bra

The models at this year’s NYFW were nothing short of BOLD. So many ladies sported the sheer shirt with no bra look, and the audience was clearly impressed that designers and models alike embraced femininity in a big way. I love that Avery Verse was one of the designers participating in this trend! They kept every outfit simple enough as to not take away from the handbags, but interesting enough to catch the eye of the audience. I loved the simple elegance of the below right look contrasted with the statement tote. Notice the navy color-pairing again; this color scheme is going to make waves in clothing and accessories over the next few months.

Trend #3: Structured Lines

I love a good structured bag! The three bags below are my absolutely favorites from the show. I love that Avery Verse didn’t stop the trends at the bag- the center outfit below showed off a perfect layered look with clean lines. Any city girl could rock this outfit from day to night with the perfect bag in hand. There is something so professional and chic about a structured purse with a little edge to it. I’m obsessed with the versatility of these handbags- they’re just waiting to be paired with any outfit!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Avery Verse and their impressive efforts to sustainably source leather while maintaining affordable prices. It was a pleasure watching their show and learning so much more about their company. Australian fashion labels are doing major things in the industry- definitely keep an eye out for the amazing Fashion Palette brands!

Mackenzie HeathComment