Spring Event Looks

Heeeelloo fashion people!  I wanted to write a quick little post all about what to wear to upcoming spring/summer events!  From weddings to graduations to an end-of-the-schoolyear barbecue with friends, there are lots of occasions coming up.  

It's hard to find a cute outfit for those pictures that will be looked back on for years to come, and most people don't want to wear last year's dress to this year's celebration.  It can get expensive to piece together so many different outfits, so I'm breaking down a wide range of pricing for ya.  Some of these are sale prices so better act fast!! <3 <3

My dress in this post is Cotton Candy LA from Birdee clothing- it's the cutest wrap! Would be perfect for a grad party. I will say it's a little on the shorter side, so if you have a chance at encountering windy weather I'd suggest wearing some denim shorts underneath- just in case ;---)

Graduation Outfits:

         Abercrombie, $23                         Amuse Society, $60                             J.O.A., $103

Barbecue/Summer Party Outfits:

          Abercrombie, $23                               Express, $69                                 Revolve, $89

Wedding Outfits:

               Express, $47                            Urban Outfitters, $45                            Zara, $99

Yep so I wanna buy all of these right now.  Online shopping is my kryptonite so thanks for sharing in the addiction with me.  I also need some events to go to so I can wear these...

Thanks for reading :)