Spring Kimono + A Big Announcement

It has taken me forever to post this on my blog but I've got some exciting news... From SEA to NYC is finally moving from SEA to NYC!!  That's a little confusing but-- I'm moving to New York City in August!  It's been a long time coming (3 years of planning) but I'm so thrilled to finally be achieving this goal.

When I was choosing a college path I decided to go to school in Seattle for 3 years with the hope to spend my senior year at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Instead of taking a more traditional route and going to FIT straight out of high school in Colorado, I felt it made more sense to dip my toes in big city life before making such a big leap.  

The college I chose in Seattle has a liaison program that allows me to be a "visiting student" at FIT for a full year, while I'm still technically enrolled in Seattle as well.  In doing this, I'm able to complete a one year Associate's program in Fashion Business Management at FIT while I finish my bachelor's degree in Apparel Merchandising and minor in Business Administration from SPU.  I feel like this opportunity is such an incredibly marketable way come out of college with multiple degrees from coast to coast in only four years.  I feel super lucky to have found this program!!  And I'm so excited to network in NYC.

I'm really glad I took an untraditional route to NYC because Seattle has taught me so much in three years.  I definitely wasn't ready for New York at the age of 18 but I feel so much more confident and sure of this move than I did about my previous move to Seattle.  From getting around without a car in a big city to apartment living, or getting a job after moving somewhere new to balancing school and work life, the past three years have taught me a lot.  

This being said- I'm feeling so ready to leave Seattle behind.  While I was waiting to find out whether I got accepted to FIT, I was so anxious with the thought of staying here.  I really had no backup plan so I'm endlessly grateful this worked out.  I'm trying to work on enjoying my last chunk of time in Seattle instead of only looking toward the future, but it's so fun to dream about!

If anyone is interested in this program or what it's like to take an "untraditional" college route, I'd be happy to answer questions.  I don't know anything about NYC or FIT just yet to be honest but when I'm there, I'll be sure to share the experience. :)

In other exciting news--and so fitting for my coast to coast move-- I've recently begun working with Birdee clothing as an ambassador!! I seriously love Birdee and their whole aesthetic.  They're based in NYC but influenced by the West coast, which is even cooler.  The kimono in this post is from their site-- this weekend they have half off their entire site, too!  When that sale ends, my code Mackenzie30 will get you 30% off anything too.

Happy shopping and Happy Cinco!!! Let me know if you have any questions about Birdee or FIT. :)