Pajama Portofino

Happy August people!!! I was just reading an article on Who What Wear (is anyone else obsessed with them?!) about how weird style becomes in August because it is such a transitional season.  I'm hoping my next few posts will help you mix pieces effortlessly as the weather changes!

This outfit was definitely not typical of me, but hey- it's fall!  It's a time to transition and try new things.  I'm not one to wear all black and I'm definitely not one to wear athletic-wear in public.  However, "athleisure" (who else is tired of that word) has been a major staple this year.  I love the idea of dressing up an item of clothing that is typically worn on days we feel the messiest.  It made for such an awesome contrast!  I will definitely be continuing to find ways to dress up relaxed pieces this fall.

So, how did this outfit come to be in the first place?! I randomly tried on a dressy pajama shirt and track pants at the same time and realized it looked really. freaking. awesome.  Throw in a pair of black mules and you've got the perfect unexpectedly cool fall look!

I scored the track pants and portofino top at Express.  I love the lines created by the white stripes in each piece.  You can find the exact top here- and it's on sale!!  The track pants are sold out, but I'll link some similar styles below!  My black mules are Sam Edelman courtesy of the ever-amazing Nordstrom Rack.

Thanks for reading!  Transition into fall with me and do some shopping below. :)

Pajama Style Tops:

Track-style Trousers:

Thanks to Brittany Watson for the photos.

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