Spring Romper

Wow, it has been forever since I wrote an actual blog post!  I feel like that's something I'm starting to say way too often!  Life has been so busy lately between school and working, so blogging has really fallen to the bottom of my to-do list.  I was sort of in a rut for a while, feeling like all the effort wasn't totally worth it!  It is challenging as a blogger to receive the results you want, and it is so easy to get caught up in the analytics of it all!  I had the chance to listen to a few of my favorite local Seattle bloggers speak tonight, and it left me feeling so inspired.  Sometimes I forget how amazing the blogging community is- connecting with people and supporting one another is what it's all about!

I recently took a quick trip home for Easter and I wanted to share some photos of my holiday outfit.  We all know I'm too obsessed with Abercrombie! They have just been so good lately!  Their rompers are really the only ones fitting me this season, so I had to snag this one!  It's received a lot of comments to far, so I'm linking it here!  If you're petite like me, rompers are seriously the most perfect staple to keep in your wardrobe.  And adding a good pair of shoes will make your legs look miles long!

The shoes are a pair by Gianni Bini from Dillard's and they are SO comfortable.  The chunky heel and strappy details are both going to be huge trends this summer, so I'm adding some similar pairs below! I don't have a link for the cute bunny stuffed animal, unfortunately. ;-)

I also totally love Alex and Ani bracelets lately. I received my first one as a gift and since then I have to touch every bracelet I see at Nordstrom Rack.  The bracelet is so light you barely even know you have it on!  They also are simple enough to go with any outfit, and they come in gold or silver depending on your preference!

Cute Rompers:


Cute Sandals:


A few words on being overwhelmingly busy...

As I mentioned before, I've been way too busy lately.  Honestly it has felt like like is all work and no play.  We all need some fun some times!  I've been trying to find ways on staying sane and decided to share my tricks!

1. GET SOME SLEEP.  Seriously, go to bed early.  If you're anything like me, you'll agree that mornings are the worst time of day no matter how early you go to bed.  I will say, though, I've started shifting my bed time to 11PM or 12PM rather than 2AM like the previous semester of school, and I've been feeling a lot more energetic throughout the day.  (I say this as I type a blog post at midnight.  Oops.)  Also, naps are key!!  Even 30 minutes of laying down and closing your eyes can help.

2. DRINK COFFEE!  Or have your favorite beverage whether it be tea or juice or just plain water!  Drink what you enjoy and what wakes you up.  It makes the day go by just a little easier.

3. DRESS UP.  It's getting so hard to do this one with the endless Seattle winter we are having, but I never feel very good in a sweatshirt and leggings.  Sometimes I have to force myself to wear a nice outfit but it's always worth it.

4. GET A CHANGE OF SCENERY.  Most weeks I only travel between campus and work, and it leaves me feeling so trapped in a bubble.  I want to start making a conscious effort to adventure somewhere new as often as I can- even if it's just a restaurant I haven't tried!

5. WRITE IT OUT.  For me, poetry and blogging are my creative outlets.  I also love reading before bed just to clear my mind for the evening.  Maybe these will help you out, too!


I hope you had an amazing Easter weekend with family!  Here's hoping I'll write another blog post in the next month.

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