A few weeks ago the lovely product development company Mode reached out to me to try out some XO Styling products.  I was immediately excited- these products were created in partnership with Cara McLeay.  Cara runs one of the best blogs out there, A Fashion Love Affair, which I have been following for years!  She has been one of my biggest inspirations to start a blog, and of course she has some of the greatest hair in the industry.

Cara McLeay of A Fashion Love Affair

Cara McLeay of A Fashion Love Affair

Seriously, her hair is gorgeous. 

XO Styling currently has three basic products- the XO Styling iron , XO Styling Radiant Weightless Finishing Oil , and XO Styling Beach Hair Texturizing Spray.  I've linked each product so you can shop them on A Fashion Love Affair.  If you buy them in a bundle you save a lot of money!

Over the last few weeks I've been trying the Finishing oil and Texturizing Spray out.  My first thought was "WOW, this smells great!"  You definitely get that beachy, sunscreen, coconut oil vibe from these products.  

The texturizing spray works best in damp hair.  You start from the tips of your hair and work your way to the roots, scrunching your hair to produce a wavy feel.  I also loved using this spray in the morning on second-day hair.  It honestly resembles a dry shampoo when you spray it on because it leaves such a fresh and clean feel!  It's great for early mornings when I'm rushing to get ready for work.

As for the Finishing Oil, it made my hair SO shiny and soft.  Just a little squirt goes a long way- too much left my hair a bit greasy, but a small dab was the perfect amount.  As with any product, you have to play around with it and figure out what works best in your hair!  There are a lot of healthy oils in this product, my favorite being coconut oil.  Coconut oil is one of my favorite things to put in my hair because it smells great and always leaves my hair so shiny!

I really love how passionate the XO styling team is about creating a product that will leave hair and customers happy and healthy for a long time.  The brand works very hard to use natural ingredients and recyclable packaging as well as produce a high-quality hair product.  I really appreciate the effort this company has made and I can't wait to continue using these products!

Hope you can try them out!  Use code XOMACKENZIE for 15% off any XO styling product, and look out for a giveaway on my Instagram soon!

Happy Friday!

Photos in this post courtesy of Brittany Watson.


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