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How FUN is this swing dress from American Eagle?!  It's definitely one of my favorite pieces from their fall collection.  Their full fall collection hit stores earlier today and it is super cozy and funky!!

I love the 80s vibes of this outfit, and all the throwback trends lately.  This outfit is a great fall transition because the over-the-knee boots add some warmth to the look, but the mini dress keeps a lingering touch of summer.

If you've noticed I constantly style clothes from American Eagle, it's because I work there!  I'm around these products all the time so I get to see which are the most worth recommending!  I get a major discount and often free clothes during busier seasons, so it really helps freshen up my wardrobe.  There's no way I could afford new clothes as often without this perk! I would definitely recommend working at one of your favorite stores-even just a few shifts a week- if you're a fashionista on a budget. It's a lifesaver!

I have been absolutely loving following New York Fashion Week on social media and watching the live feed of all the shows!! I wish I could be there so badly but living vicariously through other bloggers will have to do for now.

So far, my favorite Instagram accounts to keep up with for this fashion week have been @thriftsandthreads, @emily_luciano, @happilygrey (she's KILLING it as always!), @lyndiinthecity, and of course @revolve!  Follow their social media for lots of fun videos and runway shots!  I think my favorite show so far must be the entire carnival concept behind Tommy Hilfiger's collection starring Gigi Hadid.  I also loved Tom Ford's opening night- so many fun trends in his looks! Rebecca Minkoff definitely killed her show today as well!  I can't wait to see more!

What's your favorite runway show so far this fashion week?!

Also- I added a shop section to my blog for an easier source to shop my looks and find pieces that I've purchased but haven't quite made it to the blog! I've been researching a lot of other blogs in search of ways to make my style suggestions more accessible and I loved this idea.  I'll be sure to add products whenever I buy them!  Hope you like it!

Photos in this post courtesy of Brittany Watson.

More AEO Fall Dresses- It seems like burgundy is going to be huge this fall! (All under $50, yay!)

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