I am absolutely obsessed with the New Balance casual collection!!

I was in dire need of comfortable tennis shoes for work.  I work at American Eagle and we are encouraged to wear AE clothes, so I needed a shoe that would still look cute and dressy with summer attire!  These sneakers are perfect for long shifts! I feature AE constantly on my blog and Instagram.  I'm definitely on a budget- the employee discount and occasional chance to win free clothes is a huge help!!

The sneakers have a really sporty chic vibe, but the pink logo keeps them girly! I love the fact that they're suede!  It's so fun to pair other fabrics and textures with the shoe.  

I paired a Banana Republic leather skirt-how cute is the front slit!- with a flowy off-the-shoulder top from Hollister.  The cutest Nordstrom B.P. suede and denim hat was the perfect accessory to keep the look casual and add symmetry to the sporty vibe of the New Balances.

This is one of my favorite looks I've shot so far- hope it inspires you this week!

Thanks to Brittany Watson for the fabulous pictures!! 

Check out more of the NB collection!

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