70s Jumpsuit

I had so much fun on this blog shoot, and I'm so ready to share some new outfits!  This shoot was pretty hilarious.  A little behind the scenes info- we saw a snake, got tangled in spiderwebs, and walked past the putrid smell of sewage!  If there's anything I've learned this summer, it's that fashion photography is not all that glamorous- especially when you're dealing with the great outdoors!  The things we all do for pictures, right?!

We ventured to a tunnel and the cutest little creek for these photos.  I love that this location really shows off my hometown, and the beautiful state of Colorado!  I'm pretty lucky to spend the summer here before heading back to Washington!

Over the next few weeks I am going to be doing a series of outfits that are all focused on transitioning into your fall wardrobe and away from summer staples.  With cooler weather around the corner, it can be really tricky to figure out what to wear every morning- hopefully this helps!

This 70s inspired looks consists of the only jumpsuit I own.  I want another one so bad- they are perfect to make petite girls looks a little bit taller!  American Eagle came out with some super cute rompers and maxis this year, but this piece has to be my favorite of their summer line.  I adore the gold sequin detailing on the bodice.  It's so subtle but keeps a throwback pattern looking modern!  This summer, we have been bringing back a lot of 70s trends, from chokers to high-top sneakers to funky colors.

I accessorized this look with a simple black choker gifted from Nordstrom B.P. and some cute black sandals from Abercrombie and Fitch.  I love the vintage-inspired tokens that line the center of these sandals!  And of course, any outfit is complete with a simple black purse.  Click the links in this post to find similar styles from each brand!  Hope this helps inspire you to prepare for that often difficult (but so exciting!) segway into fall fashion! 

Thanks to the lovely Brittany Watson for going on this adventure with me and capturing every moment!

Jumpsuit Inspiration:

(Abercombie and Fitch (under $80), Nordstrom (under $30!!), American Eagle (under $50), Express (under $85), Zara (under $50), 

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