Welcome to Nineteen!

Curtis Oh Photography

Curtis Oh Photography

I'm so glad you stopped by.  This website has been a long-time dream of mine, and thanks to the abundance of support I've received over the last few months, it is finally a reality! Brainstorming a blog name was probably this toughest part of this entire process, as silly as that may seem.  Some time before my nineteenth birthday I was overcome with a desire to make this year the best yet- which, in my opinion, requires taking risks.  Putting oneself out there as a blogger is a risk, but I think it's worth it.  

So, although myself and this blog will age, I will always remember that it took my nineteenth year to get it all started. This is what it means to be nineteen- growing and ever-learning, the same way style evolves over time. Over the years, I have often been approached with questions about my style, and I have always wanted a creative outlet to express a love for clothing.  

Blogging has always been intimidating to me, as I'm sure it is to many!  I've been an avid reader of style blogs such as SincerelyJules, A Fashion Love Affair, and Happily Grey for many years, as these women have taken over social media.  Fashion bloggers inspire me, and I hope my style and insight into fashion will inspire others, too!  I hope to post as often as possible, and would love to collaborate with fellow bloggers, photographers, writers, and stylists in the future.

I have also created an Instagram page, @nineteen19fashion where even more content and style will be posted.  

Thank you for becoming an essential part of the journey that is being Nineteen.