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Lately, so much of what people wear depends on social media- especially Instagram!  Brands have been using all the free marketing to their advantage, and fashionistas everywhere can easily discover a new favorite store with a simple double-tap.  Something I have loved about blogging is all the amazing brands people share online.  It's incredible to see fashion companies, from small start-ups to international corporations growing and using Instagram to inspire shoppers.  I wanted to do a post featuring some companies widely Instagram-based you should be on the look out for (especially with gift-giving season coming up!)  Here we go!

1. Aritzia (@aritzia)

I've actually never shopped this brand, but I know it is really growing in the Seattle area.  Their prices are very similar to Free People, but the style is very different.  Think much more chic and neutral tones than boho!  Lots of super fun staple pieces for the winter.  Here are my favs:


2. Jo N Arrow (@joandarrow)

Jo N Arrow is a much smaller brand that sells super cute accessories, namely gold jewelry.  They keep it simple, which I absolutely love.  So many jewelry companies are trying too hard these days, but simple jewelry never goes out of style!  Bonus points- they're prices are easily affordable.  Really hoping to see this company grow over the years!!  The deer earrings are everything.

3. NA-KD (@nakdfashion)

Okay, so this company got super huge over night.  One minute I had never heard of it- the next, every blogger out there is dying to collaborate.  Something neat about NA-KD's site is they sort products by customer favorites as well as highest sales.  They are a SUPER trendy company so if you are into keeping up with the fast fashion happening right now, NA-KD is for you.  They're fairly comparable to ZARA in price--plus, free shipping and free returns.  What more could an online shopping addict ask for?! Here are some of my favs from their popular page.

4. RAGA (@shopraga)

I just love this Instagram so much.  RAGA features some super stylish girls and they always inspire me with fun bohemian vibes.  Their clothes just scream FUN!  They mix Indian culture with California style and it makes a dreamy combination.  I'm loving watching them grow!  I think I might love them as much as Free People, and that's really saying something.  Again, more on the expensive side, but probably (definitely) worth the splurge. 

5. Verity (@loveverityshop)

Another growing California brand!  Maxi dresses are their staple.  Every dress is laced in fun floral patterns and they are all so flowy for summer and fall.  Love Verity posts super sweet photos of their customers all over Insta.  They also offer really reasonable prices.  They sort of remind me of one of my old favorite brands, Spool72!  Check out some of my favs.

6. Luzzo (@shopluzzo)

This brand is on the smaller side, but I can see them make it big in the future!  Their pieces are super cute and trendy.  And, they offer 25% off with your first order!  They post lots of fun and inspiring photos on Instagram.  Their site has cute reasonably priced products!  Definitely a brand I can see myself wearing.  Here's some of my fav pieces.

I could go on about my favorite brands forever, but I'll end with these six.  Be sure to check them out and follow their Instagrams!  Many of them offer discounts for new customers, so use that to your advantage too. :) Have a great week!

(all photos are linked to the site! yay! happy shopping!)

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